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Academic Affairs Office

The Office of Academic Affairs, headed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, oversees the academic mission of New Mexico Tech, which includes all faculty members 和 Academic Departments, Dean of 研究生 Studies 和 the Center for 研究生 Studies, the Dean of Engineering, the Dean of Arts 和 Sciences, Office for Student Learning, 注册商, Skeen图书馆, Academic Center for Technology (ACT), Community Education 和 Outreach Program, Veterans Affairs. We are proud of the fact that our strong academic programs place us at or near the top of many national 排名.  At New Mexico Tech our academic programs underpin the institute's focus on science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, mathematics, making Tech a STE2M校园. 

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任务 Statement

The Office of Academic Affairs serves as the locus for both faculty 和 students, helps to ensure the primacy of the institution’s educational responsibilities, supports faculty 和 students in their contributions to scholarship, creativity, research, design 和 the discovery of knowledge appropriate to the institution’s mission.

The Office of Academic Affairs facilitates student learning 和 success through the following activities:

The Office of Academic Affairs supports faculty development 和 success through the following activities:

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Office of Academic Affairs
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